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Extension Bugs


One common source of bugs that are resolved as “INVALID” on Bugzilla are bugs caused by third-party extensions (Google Toolbar for example). Currently in Bugzilla, most Triagers will move a bug that has been determined to be caused by an extension  to the “Extension Compatibility” component of Firefox, close the bug as RESOLVED>INVALID, and also Continue reading

My Goals for 2011


Well, I’ve decided that I should try to put my goals into words, so then I can go back to them at the end of the year, and see how I’ve done. I always will try to set goals, then modify them halfway through. Maybe if I post them for the Internets to see, I Continue reading

Quarterly Review: Q4’2010

Anthony Hughes

I’ve been going over my Q4’2010 goals recently to identify my accomplishments and failures.  Basically, I’m trying to answer that million dollar question, “Where does the time go?”  I believe I’ve stumbled upon the answer to that question (or at least a hint to that answer). Since I started using a self-created project manager via […] Continue reading

Firefox 3.5 EOL?


Has Firefox 3.5 been End Of Lifed? I think it’s about time, seeing as it’s been almost a year since we released Firefox 3.6, we are getting ready to release Firefox 4, and the download page for 3.5 says it isn’t receiving security updates, even though it is. It’s alot of work to maintain 3 Continue reading

Oh, the places you’ll go!

Matt Brandt

Yes, I get it the title of this post spells doesn’t hide the fact that I’m about to tell a short story of some sort… and yes as a child I tended to take my Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein tales with much seriousness.

These last few months I’ve been struggling for excitement and passion at work. I came to several realizations, some not so pretty about why I felt stuck

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