Thunderbird weekly meetings

Ludovic Hirlimann

Did you know that almost every week the Thunderbird team holds a phone meeting? I say almost because there are a few weeks in the year without the meeting (that’s usually when we are meeting face to face or during vacations like Christmas).
In these meetings we talk about almost everything that deals with Thunderbird , and the discussion is organized around areas of interests (ie Marketing, Support, Development). Most of the people talking at the meeting are the people working full time or involved in an important extension (i.e. Lightning or Thunderbird conversation for examples).
The meeting is open and live – this means that questions will be asked and answered. Everybody is entitled to ask questions, we have a roundtable section at the end of the meeting just for that.
At the end of each meeting notes are added to the meeting’s wiki page – those notes are there to reflect the questions and answers that might occur during the meeting. You can also follow these meeting minutes on the “Meeting Notes from the Mozilla community” blog under the Thunderbird tag where there’s also an RSS feed .
The meeting is being done over the phone. I usually use Skype to dial-in. Using skype makes my participation to the call free, as I’m calling an 800 number. So if you want to join the conversation just follow these instructions. And don’t be afraid to participate !