Testday for creating Mozmill Tests for Add-ons

Henrik Skupin

Mozmill is not only able to execute functional and unit tests against applications, which are build on top of the Gecko platform, but can also be used to run those type of tests against extensions.

If you are an extension author and interested to see your extension tested in a daily fashion by our automated test-runs in the QA-lab, you should definitely join the testday on Friday, May 28th. We really want to encourage you to think about the implementation of automated functional tests for your own extension. And it’s not only helpful for the extension itself, but can also help us to identify regression in the Firefox development cycle as early as possible.

To have an introduction available, we were working closely together with Google to have example tests in our mozmill-tests repository. Learn how Mozmill tests will be written and how they can be run in Firefox. The Mozmill team will be around the whole day to assist you wherever possible.

If you are interested in the testday, you should read through the following documentation about the creation of testscripts for extensions.

You can also attend when you have general questions about Mozmill or when you want to help in fixing or creating Mozmill tests for Firefox. Get ready and join us in #testday next Friday.