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(If you are looking for information about how we use Selenium for automation, please have a look at this WebQA page)

Mozmill is a UI testing tool for Mozilla based applications. It is used by the Mozilla Corporation and Mozilla Messaging to run functional tests against Firefox and Thunderbird. Tests are written in JavaScript and can be run on any platform by using the Mozmill extension or command line client.

What Do We Aim For?

  • Make UI Automation a reality for all Mozilla applications
  • Simplify automated test writing, primarily by simplifying the needed JavaScript skills to write a test
  • Give the possibility to easily automate all of our manual test cases on Litmus in order to allow test teams to spend their time testing new features instead of rote manual cases.

Talk to Us!

Getting Started - New Member

Welcome to the Team! We want you to get up and ready as quickly as possible. If you have any questions during the process, please feel free to join us on irc #automation and ask questions.

  • Start by getting situated with the different documentation paths used in Mozilla.
  • The wiki is your friend - 

Automation_Services: describes our team and mission.  The team meeting times, are listed on the wiki, so if you want to introduce yourself just dial in and get involved.

  • View our current Projects, and talk to the Lead to get an idea where you can pitch in and lend a hand.
  • Make sure to join IRC and set the following channels as auto-join. #qa, #automation, #mozmill . Others will be added as you start working on projects.


Mailing Lists

  • Sign up for the WebQA mailing list on dev-automation

Test Automation Frameworks

Instructions on how to setup our test automation frameworks, and how to get going can be found on the Automation Services page.  This is where you go to learn about our test infrastructure, selenium, mozmill, tools, endurance, performance testing..etc.etc.


  • Under Account Information add a real name with [:ircnick] so if people need to add you to a bug its easier to find you.  Setup bug watchers for components you have to listen for updates (project updates)
  • Bugzilla

Project Tracking

  • We use Pivotal Tracker to track tasks that need doing. This is at a team / project level.
  • Pivotal Tracker projects are tracked from our Team Wiki.  Sign up / create an account as our projects are Public, you can join teams / keep an eye on things.
  • Automation Services Projects

Other things to read

Great! Now that you have got this far and your brain is still operational, lets get going with writing tests, helping guide other QA teams and expanding things to make the rest of QA look good!