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So much for enabling freedom!


Well, my last post was a bust for any response. It was syndicated to Planet Mozilla, has had a few hundred views, and the only comment on it is my own (posting what a friend of mine on Facebook said). He said: “I don’t know if Tor is the end-all-be-all, but the basic point would […] Continue reading

Enabling freedom and openness with Mozilla?


Watching the twitterstorm around the current situation with the Iranian elections has been fairly thought provoking. The Iranian protesters are completely shut out of the official media in the form of newspapers, radio, and television in Iran. These are under the thumb of the state at the service of a man that may (or may […] Continue reading

Adam Savage on Failure at Maker Faire


I’m a huge Mythbusters fan (much to my wife’s tired acceptance). Co-host Adam Savage spoke at Maker Faire the other week. The topic of his discussion is failure and it is a pretty interesting speech by him (if you find him interesting at all). I’m sorry that I missed seeing him live but this is […] Continue reading

Noisebridge: Five Minutes of Fame


Noisebridge in San Francisco has been doing a regular event in the hackerspace of a night of five minute presentations called, “Five Minutes of Fame.” For the last set, we actually recorded the presentations and have put them up on YouTube on the Noisebridge Channel. I encourage people to go take a look at them […] Continue reading

Chris Wilson Leaves IE team (but not MSFT)


My friend, Chris Wilson, posted on his blog today that he is leaving the IE team in order to focus on the “open web platform.” He’ll be doing this from the Developer Division at Microsoft and in his role as the chair of the HTML Working Group at the W3C (according to Chris):

Luckily, I found […] Continue reading

Fennec Alpha 1 for Windows Mobile Available


As some people know, in my day to day job, I work on QA on various Firefox related projects. Mostly, I work as the QA lead for our security releases but I have also been working on the Mobile Firefox (aka “Fennec”) project in between these releases. Mobile browsing has become more and more important […] Continue reading