Posts from May, 2009

Noisebridge: Five Minutes of Fame


Noisebridge in San Francisco has been doing a regular event in the hackerspace of a night of five minute presentations called, “Five Minutes of Fame.” For the last set, we actually recorded the presentations and have put them up on YouTube on the Noisebridge Channel. I encourage people to go take a look at them […] Continue reading

Chris Wilson Leaves IE team (but not MSFT)


My friend, Chris Wilson, posted on his blog today that he is leaving the IE team in order to focus on the “open web platform.” He’ll be doing this from the Developer Division at Microsoft and in his role as the chair of the HTML Working Group at the W3C (according to Chris):

Luckily, I found […] Continue reading

Fennec Alpha 1 for Windows Mobile Available


As some people know, in my day to day job, I work on QA on various Firefox related projects. Mostly, I work as the QA lead for our security releases but I have also been working on the Mobile Firefox (aka “Fennec”) project in between these releases. Mobile browsing has become more and more important […] Continue reading