Firefox 57 Beta 8 Testday, October 13th

Camelia Badau


Hello Mozillians,

We are happy to let you know that Friday, October 13th, we are organizing Firefox 57 Beta 8 Testday. We’ll be focusing our testing on the following new features: Activity Stream, Photon Structure and Photon Onboarding Tour Notifications & Tour Overlay 57.

Check out the detailed instructions via this etherpad .

No previous testing experience is required, so feel free to join us on #qa IRC channel where our moderators will offer you guidance and answer your questions.

Join us and help us make Firefox better!

See you on Friday!

2 responses

  1. cb88 wrote on ::

    Why can’t you put single items side by side in the new more tools menu… it wastes a ton of space not being able to put for instance Print, Open File, and Save page side by side above the edit or zoom controls. All in all its still pretty nice though! Keep chipping away at it!

  2. Surentharan wrote on ::

    The Build link is not working…