Firefox 51 Beta 12 Testday

Bogdan Maris


Hello Mozillians,

Let’s start this new year properly! We will have another beta testday, Firefox 51 beta 12 next Friday, 6th January. We will be focusing our testing on WebGL 2.0,  Zoom Indicator and Flash support (New version of flash in Linux – 24) features. Check out the detailed instructions via this etherpad.

No previous testing experience is required, so feel free to join us on #qa IRC channel where our moderators will offer you guidance and answer your questions.

See you on the first Friday from 2017! Have a happy new year!

4 responses

  1. Gary King wrote on ::

    Firefox Beta 11 has not been released yet. How do you plan to test Beta 12 in 4 days without it being released?

    1. Girija wrote on :


      I would like to be part of Beta 12 testing efforts. could you please let me know what do i have to do?


      1. Bogdan Maris wrote on :

        Hi Girija,

        Happy to see you are interested in testing. Please check the etherpad for details about testing. If you will have questions please contact us on IRC (


    2. Bogdan Maris wrote on :

      We knew that beta 12 was planned to be released in 6 Jan, so this testday has the purpose to test this version of Firefox before it’s going to merge to Firefox Release.