Firefox 48 beta 6 Testday Results

Alexandra Lucinet


Hello mozillians!

Last week on Friday (July 8th), we held another successful event – Firefox 48 beta 6 Testday.

Thank you all for helping us making Mozilla a better place – akash, Karthikeya L K, Iryna Thompson, Moin Shaikh, Ilse Macías, Corey Sheldon, Ciprian Georgiu, Julie Myers (a.k.a. SnoopyRules), Bhuvana Meenakshi.K, Prasanth p, Mano @Manokarr, Nazir Ahmed Sabbir, Hossain Al Ikram, Tanvir Rahman, Azmina Akter Papeya, Khalid Syfullah Zaman, Mohammad Maruf Islam, Md.Majedul islam, Samad Talukdar, Kazi Sakib Ahmad, Zayed News, Maruf Rahman, Md.Tarikul Islam Oashi, Aminul Islam Alvi, Akash, Rakib Rahman, Ria, Rezaul Huque Nayeem, Sayed Ibn Masud and Saddam Hossain.

A big thank you goes out to all our active moderators too!


I strongly advise everyone of you to reach out to us, the moderators, via #qa during the events when you encountered any kind of failures. Keep up the great work! \o/

And keep an eye on QMO for upcoming events! 😉

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