Firefox 48 Beta 6 Testday, July 8th

Alexandra Lucinet


Hello Mozillians,

Good news! Friday, July 8th, we will host a new Testday for Firefox 48 Beta 6. We will have fun testing APZ (Async Scrolling), verifying and triaging bugs. If you want to find out more information visit this etherpad.

You don’t need testing experience to take part in the testday so feel free to join the #qa IRC channel and the moderators will help if you have any questions.

I am waiting forward on seeing you on Friday. Cheers 😀

2 responses

  1. Corey Sheldon wrote on ::

    I know some non mozillians that would love to help is this internally only or public testday?

    1. Alexandra Lucinet wrote on :

      Hey Corey! It’s a public event, feel free to join us! 😉