Firefox 45.0 Aurora Testday, January 15th

Alexandra Lucinet


Hey everyone! 😀

I am writing to let you know that the following Friday – January 15th – we are hosting a new event – Firefox 45.0 Aurora Testday. The main focus will be on the following features: Async places transactions (Bookmarks and History), Search Refactoring, Hello (as a system add-on) and Grouped Tabs Migration. All the detailed instructions are available via this etherpad.

No previous testing experience is required! Therefore, feel free to join us on #qa IRC channel and our moderators will happily offer you guidance.

Looking forward to see you next Friday! \o/

2 responses

  1. Chandrakant Dhutadmal wrote on :

    There were certain issues which I encountered while executing test cases in today’s (15-01-2016)’ test day. I was not sure how and whom to approach for help. When I raised the query in IRC channel, no one responded. Hence, I had to quit after some time. I hope if there are some designated members who can help during test days it would be very beneficial for the contributor.

    1. Petruta wrote on :

      Please add new bugs for every issue you found.
      As a note, we did replied on irc, but unfortunately had no follow-up from your part.