Firefox 42.0 Aurora Testday Results

Alexandra Lucinet


Hey all!

Last Friday, September 11th, we held Firefox 42.0 Aurora Testday.  It was another successful event (please see the results section below), we had quite a number of participants 😀 

Many thanks go out to gaby2300, Moin Shaikh, kenkon and to the people from our Bangladesh Community: Nazir Ahmed Sabbir, Kazi Nuzhat Tasnem, Muktasib Un Nur, Mohammad Maruf Islam, Fahmida Noor, Tanjil Haque, Md. Ehsanul Hassan, Rakibul Islam Ratul, Saheda Reza Antora, Khalid Syfullah Zaman and Forhad Hossain, for getting involved.

Also a big thank you to all our active moderators.


  • no new issues found related to Tab visual sound indicator nor Hello features.
  • 1 new issue logged for Control Center – 1204825 (Thanks for finding it, Muktasib Un Nur!)
  • 2 bugs were verified: 1047713 and 1192397.
  • 2 bugs were triaged: 1202298 and 1202111. 

Keep an eye on QMO for upcoming events! 😉

2 responses

  1. Muktasib Un Nur wrote on :

    O..ow! should have filed that bug by myself 😛
    By the way, Thank you for your appreciation ^_^ I’ll try my best to do better 😀

    1. Alexandra Lucinet wrote on :

      Please add yourself to :cc list to follow-up 🙂 and if you have any additional details, feel free to add a comment