Improving Recognition

Anthony Hughes


Earlier this month I blogged about improving recognition of our Mozilla QA contributors. The goal was to get some constructive feedback this quarter and to take action on that feedback next quarter. As this quarter is coming to a close, we’ve received four responses. I’d like to think a lot more people out there have ideas and experiences from which we could learn. This is an opportunity to make your voice heard and make contributing at Mozilla better for everyone.

Please, take some time this week to send me your feedback.

Thank you

One response

  1. Anders wrote on :

    One problem might be that most of the ways you mention for being recognized for contributions sounds like “pats on the head”, not pats on the back. The term “contributor” seem to have been generally watered down to the level of “social media follower”, that can be counted and optimized, while the old meaning of “contributor” is reserved for MoCo employees.