Disabling Flash Protected Mode in Firefox 36 Beta

Benjamin Smedberg


Starting today, we’ll be running a 3-week test in Firefox 36 betas which disables protected mode in the Adobe Flash Player. Because this is a significant change in the way Flash interacts with Firefox, I am asking our Firefox beta users on Windows to pay special attention to any unusual problems related to Flash and file bugs for any problems.

Protected mode is a Flash security option for Firefox on Windows which runs parts of Flash within a security sandbox. Every week, more than 20 million Firefox users on Windows are affected by Flash hangs and crashes, and Firefox telemetry data shows that as many as half of these hangs are related to protected mode.

In order to get extended testing, this change is being made for the beta channel now, but will not be part of the final Firefox 36 release. During the beta period, we will be carefully monitoring Firefox telemetry data to confirm our understanding of Flash stability, and watching for problems caused by this change. Disabling protected mode, as with any security feature, is not an easy decision, because it could make it easier to exploit security bugs in the Flash player. Due to the severity of the performance and stability problems, however, I believe this security feature may be harming the Firefox user experience more than it helps.

As part of this change, Firefox will be enabling an early version of its own security sandbox around Flash on Windows. We will continue to develop, test, and improve this sandbox. We also continue to work closely with Adobe to improve this new sandbox as well as fix performance and stability issues with Flash/Firefox integration.

3 responses

  1. Sergey wrote on :

    Well. Mozilla, it was updated – superb!
    At call on Youtube on a place of video which I want to see, there is an empty place, the sound is not present, the cursor frequently blinks and shows a sand-glass. The processor is used, but the videoengine of a videocard(as it usually happens at viewing) is not used.
    I’m tried to use Chrome instead of the FireFox, but as you know, chrome it is toxic) and doesn’t working TOO, rescue me).
    Please, specify, what way it is possible to discard changes in work with Flash. Thanks.
    And sorry for my bad translator 🙂

    1. Sergey wrote on :

      Don’t needed, I fixed it, found feature in “about:config” dom.ipc.plugins.flash.disable-protected-mode; and set “false”
      Flash working again, thank you for your cooperation 🙂

      1. frank wrote on :

        also need to change “dom.ipc.plugins.sandbox.flash” to false to fix flash player.