One and Done: Q3 success


We have been really busy this quarter! There have been numerous small releases, and a couple of big ones. The overall list of features and bugs released is amazing!

There are two big wins for this quarter:

  • We are now able to import bugs as tasks from Bugzilla. This was a large amount of work, and our thanks go out to Maja Frydrychowicz for her hard work and contributions. This will have a huge impact on the variety and quality of tasks available for contributors.
  • Creation of the Task Activity dashboard. This dashboard allows Admins to get metrics for their tasks. This will be really helpful in determining which tasks are more helpful, and how to improve them.

Those two features are only visible to Admins, so admittedly they are less exciting to people coming in to use the tool. Know that they will make a large impact on how we generate tasks for contributors- making it more rewarding and valuable to use.

Features that impact everyone:

  • We added in-tool notifications. This means that if something happened to your task you will be notified if it was closed. Reasons will include task expiration, or if it was marked as invalid, or if the bug it references was closed.
  • Tasks are now ranked by prioritization. This means that they are automatically listed in order of importance- so you can know that you are choosing tasks that make a real impact.
  • For contributors, one feature to call out is a profile preference which allows you to turn on or off email contact by Mozilla.
  • We are setting tasks to expire after a month. Our tasks are geared towards being introductory contributions for Mozilla- and if they aren’t completed in a month, we are putting them back in the pool so another user has the option of taking it.

Take your time to check it out! If you have any questions, you can ping us- or you can drop in to the #qa channel. Let us know what you think of the usability improvements.

I’d like to call out special attention to everyone who helped make this project a success:

Maja Frydrychowicz

Mike Kelly

Giorgos Logiotatidis

Bob Silverberg

Kohei Yoshino

Swarnava Sengupta

Rich S