Notice: Removing unused “Subscriber” accounts this Friday, October 17th, 2014, as part of cleanup

Stephen Donner

Dear Mozilla QA community,

As we prepare to upgrade and migrate the WordPress which powers this site (and give it a fresh new theme, in the process), we’re taking this opportunity to:

  • clean up (remove) unused plugins
  • clean up (remove) unused user accounts, particularly those in the “Subscriber” role

Previously, we used a few plugins from Buddy Press in an attempt to make our blog more social (which included logins to forums, etc.); as we stopped using that plugin, we no longer have a need for a general “Subscriber” role, as that was specifically tied to functionality — such as forums — which we’re no longer using.

As the first part of this cleanup, this Friday, October 17th, 2014, we’re going to purge the 5,003 “Subscriber” accounts (none of whom have any posts, so no content will be lost), in an effort to help reduce complexity and maintenance of the site.  Additionally, nothing will change for those who currently have the ability to create and/or edit posts on the site.


– Stephen