Web QA team and project changes; and renewed community/collaboration opportunities


Fall Brings With It Some Changes

As Clint, our Director of Quality, wrote in his Getting Ready for Fall blogpost, there are some process and project-coverage/testing-approach changes underway to the ways the individual QA teams (and as a whole) work, and, also, what we work on; more on some of the Web QA-specific changes follow, below.

Along with some of those changes, our Web QA team has undergone a few key personnel changes in the past few weeks, which I really intended to acknowledge and highlight much sooner than I am, now:

  • Zac is now working on the Firefox OS QA Automation team
  • Raymond is now pursuing other opportunities outside of Mozilla
  • From our Softvision side, Florin, Viorela, and Robert are now also working with Zac on the Firefox OS QA Automation team

Gratitude is in Order

It goes without saying, but bears repeating, loudly, that we wish everyone well, and will of course miss them all!  Undoubtedly, we couldn’t have matured and grown our processes, collaboration, community, and project coverage — especially through automation, without each and every one of their efforts!

Thankfully, as is the case with nearly all Mozillians, as the saying goes, “Once a Mozillians, always a Mozillian,” so we’ll surely see everyone around :-)

So, What’s Next for Us?

We’ve always been a team that’s looking to improve our processes, streamline our efforts, work more closely with our friendly Web developers (webdev blog) and project/product managers, to help provide coverage where and when it’s needed, as long as we’re able, and, more importantly, help grow — and learn from — a vibrant testing community!

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, we’re looking to make some changes to both our processes and to some of our projects.  A few key highlights of those efforts include:

  • especially in our test automation, working with our developers to better scale and integrate testing, by prototyping and vetting JavaScript-integration tests against real browsers +real servers, run in a publicly-visible Continuous Integration environment (a la Travis and Jenkins, perhaps others)
  • …and scaling/paring down our Python tests where we find redundancies or inefficiencies, yet retaining key tests where our current stack gives us the most-complete or “best” coverage
  • through our manual, exploratory testing + iterating on new methods for exposing and mitigating risk
  • helping to refine and understand task metrics on One and Done, so we can make more-effective tasks and user-flows
  • working to expose, via collated metrics dashboards, key indicators of project health and quality, across QA, and inviting others at Mozilla to help us continue to make them ever-more meaningful

How You Can Get Involved

If any of the above interests you, or you’d like to learn more about what our team does, and be a part of that, we’d love to hear from you, and encourage you to:

Thanks in advance — we’re looking forward to seeing and working with all of you!