New to QA? Intro to Web Testing event Friday May 2nd



WebQAAre you new to QA? Interested in learning more about manual or automated testing?

Come hang out on Friday at the Intro to Web Testing event!

Get your questions answered! Find a task! Learn more about the team!

Everyone is welcome, no prior experience needed.

3 responses

  1. Sindbad Privateer wrote on ::

    Hy Dear Mozillians!
    I use Firefox for many years exclusively, many thanx to You! Now I just tested the new version 29.0. Well, it looks pretty and runs well. However I miss the icon to switch bookmarks on or off with one click and it can neither be installed. That’s a great pity. Can we hope having changed back this soon? All the best to You – kind regards from Sindbad

  2. razon wrote on ::

    Me to have same problem like Sindbad Privateer…solution for this ?

  3. rbillings wrote on :

    Hi Sindbad & Razon – I suggest you go to Mozilla’s support website to get help with your issues. You can make suggestions there for what changes you would like to see.