Mozmill 1.5.12 released

Henrik Skupin

Something we have learned over the weekend was: Never say never. After we have released the 1.5.11 release of Mozmill on April 19th, we were sure to not have to ship any other release off this branch. We want to concentrate our work on Mozmill 2.0 and get it out as soon as possible.

But things can change, and sometimes faster as expected. So by last Friday (it was already late in the evening) Mike Conley contacted me on IRC and mentioned that Mozmill will be broken starting with tomorrows build. The reason for it was the ‘Global-Per-Compartment’ patch which has been landed in Nightly builds of Firefox and Thunderbird at that time. Great! Why do things like those happen just before when I’m already in my weekend?

Anyway, given the importance of this bug (it broke the whole test infrastructure of Thunderbird which mostly relies on Mozmill) I was talking immediately to Clint Talbert. Given the good bug report from John Schoenick we were directly aware of what the problem was and agreed on a new API to get the issue fixed.

So I have spent a good portion of my Saturday and Sunday evening to put together a patch which removed the broken code in waitForPageLoad() and replaces it with the new API. So by now we do no longer add a custom ‘mozmillDocumentLoaded’ property to all windows, but have a nice windowMap object that handles all the loaded states of each window on its own. I think that’s great and modifying the DOM of each window was even a bad idea since the beginning of the project. Good to see that killed.

That means early today we got all patches landed and I was able to release Mozmill 1.5.12 to PyPI and even the uploaded extension on has been approved in the meantime. If you haven’t updated yet and you make use of Nightly builds, you should do it now!

Lets cross the fingers that no other unexpected issues will arise and force another 1.5 branch release.