Mozmill 1.5.11 released

Henrik Skupin

Pushing out releases are fun! Especially if new regressions for patches landed a month ago will be identified 15 minutes after the release actually happened. Exactly that fooled us this time, and we even had to pull down Mozmill 1.5.10 from PyPI. As a Mozmill user you will probably have noticed that we skipped the announcement for Mozmill 1.5.10.

As by late yesterday Mozmill 1.5.11 is now available for everyone on PyPI. This version will be the last one we expect to see for the 1.5 branch. Current work will only happen on Mozmill 2.0, so it can be released by end of this quarter. If you are interested in helping us, please let us know and we definitely will find something for you.

As usual I would like to point out new features and bug fixes which are part of version 1.5.11:

  • Bug 686320: JSBridge is not limited to a single port (24242) anymore but probes for a free one now. This allows you to run multiple concurrent testruns with Mozmill at the same time. Keep in mind that the focus manager has to be put into testing mode for this.
  • Bug 696834: Securable modules have not been imported as singletons so that sharing data between modules didn’t work.
  • Bug 709773: The Mozmill API has been updated internally to let customers override the manifest (-m) and tests (-t) settings provided by the command line options.
  • Bug 727660: HTTP proxies are now supported for sending reports to a remote database.
  • Bug 740773: With the update of our Mozmill Dashboard invalid reports will be declined. Mozmill hasn’t shown any failure message yet which was kinda unhelpful in tracking down broken reports.

With the changes as mentioned above we can now go ahead and work on the transition of our Firefox tests to Mozmill 2.0.