Web QA internship opportunity, summer 2012

Stephen Donner

Mozilla QA is looking for passionate and talented interns to take on the challenging position of Software Engineer in Test to help us test and deliver the highest quality Mozilla products and services. In this role you will dive into functionality of Firefox and cutting edge Mozilla web technologies with the goal of developing novel ways to ensure it all works as designed for our 500+ million users.

Web QA’s chief role is to ensure that Mozilla websites are running smoothly and operating flawlessly. To help us achieve that, we are looking for talented interns to be immersed in:

  • Developing and executing complex manual tests (using multiple browsers, and alongside a plethora of tools) that discover the hard-to-find defects of functionality, security and availability in Mozilla’s web sites such as AMO (https://addons.mozilla.org), SUMO (http://support.mozilla.com) and Mozilla.org: http://mozilla.org
  • Work with the top contributors of the Selenium test framework project to develop the best automated test solutions to ensure high-quality releases of Mozilla web sites and new cutting-edge Open Web Apps (OWA) project
  • Contributing to the design and implementation of distributed automated tests and continuous-integration frameworks, such as Hudson/Jenkins. Along the journey, you’ll have the opportunity to involve yourself with and contribute to other great open-source projects, in true Mozilla fashion.

Understanding and extending, Python-based plugins that our team relies on for its testing infrastructure, namely Pytest-MozWebQA (https://github.com/davehunt/pytest-mozwebqa) and Moz-Grid-Config (https://github.com/mozilla/moz-grid-config), among others


  • Enrollment in a BS/MS in Computer Science or equivalent.
  • Programming experience in one or more of the following languages; C, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, and/or Perl.
  • Expertise in Python and JavaScript a real plus.
  • Exemplary oral and written communication skills
  • Have demonstrated a high degree of initiative, self-motivation, and organizational savvy
  • Clear analytical and problem-solving skills

How to Apply?

Please apply online at: http://bit.ly/xZQmkT