Mobile Newsletter – Week of February 3rd, 2012


Hello, Firefox Mobile testers!
Our goal is to provide you with mobile news and guidance towards how and where you as a tester can help out!  Thanks for helping out; your input is greatly appreciated!
What’s New in Fennec Native UI this week?
What’s Coming up in Fennec:
  • Sync Support
  •  Split-APK; XUL for Tablets, Native for Phones
  •  Profile migration
  • From XUL to Native profile migration
  • L10N
  • Required for String Freeze for Fx11 (Jan 30th): query
  •  Single-locale APKs
  • Feb 27 2012: Public Announcement at Mobile World Congress
  • March 30 2012: Final Release
How to download the latest Fennec Native UI build:
  • Enable ‘Unknown sources’ in Settings | Application Settings on your Android device
  • Go to:
  • Click and download the Android installer under the mobile section
Testing Areas, Tips and Tricks:
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