Mozmill 1.5.8 has been released

Henrik Skupin

The final bits of Mozmill 1.5.8 are now available through Pypi. Install or upgrade Mozmill by running:
pip install --upgrade mozmill==1.5.8

We had to release this version to fix a recent regression which has been identified in Mozmill 1.5.7, and which caused a hard-stop when an user restart has been requested. The issue did only exist on OS X.

Beside this fix we now enabled the new boolean preference called ‘focusmanager.testmode’ by default. It will allow us to run multiple Mozmill tests concurrently on the same machine. Support for the focusmanager testing mode has already been made available on Nightly and Aurora builds. Also there is a good chance to get this patch landed in an upcoming Firefox 10.0.1 release. I will follow-up with another blog post with more details once the final landing has happened and we can actually make use of it across our supported branches.