Mondays are generally booked with meetings from 9 to 2:
Mobile Triage QA meeting
Crashkill :
1 hr for lunch
Then the Pancake Weekly meeting.

I spend the rest of the time reading through emails, bugzilla, and also creating the crash report for tuesdays. It would be nice if there was some automated way of getting the crash report to do the reports I make, but what I have found is that there are overlaps of where socorro isn’t quite accurate because the crashes are listed the memory location of the exact crash so there could be duplicates. (at least for fennec). I’ll be bringing this up in the meeting today.

Generally if I have any other time remaining, I do exploratory testing in my areas, or crashing issues. If something else comes up of importance I try to take care of that. Usually, Mondays are booked though. I also try to get through the list of triaged bugs that still need work on.

Oh here’s a cover from Tori Amos that goes well with the theme: