AMO Automation Testday Results


Last Friday, August 19, was a  super-productive testday for the automated tests of

Here are a few numbers showing what were able to accomplish:

11 pull requests were made for changes to our code base

9 pull requests made it through code review and were merged

2 tests that were no longer useful were removed

5 tests were fixed or modified to be more robust

2 new tests were added (this will be 3 once the final testday pull request is merged)

In terms of our jenkins build, fixes from the testday restored 12 tests that were not being run due to a break and brought test failures down from 22 to 20.

Aside from test coverage wins, everyone who participated including those of us on the WebQA team showed some great teamwork with a fantastic emphasis on treating code review as part of the code writing process.

Thanks to everyone who participated:

Yusuf Moshinally, Feelback, Chris McMahon, Alex Lakatos, Teodosia Pop, Florin Strugariu, Vlad Maniac and the rest of the WebQA team.