Alert the Developer extends feedback support to your favorite add-ons


The Input team has released a new experiment in extending its platform, Alert the Developer! This extension aims to help users help provide feedback to their favorite add-ons in as easy a manner as possible by tapping into Firefox’s current feedback system, Also, it helps those add-on authors that are craving for user feedback by providing a public and very easy-to-use dashboard.

Some excellent examples of feedback would include compatibility issues, add-on breakages, praise for a job well done by the add-on author and feature requests! So, install the extension and send feedback for your favorite add-ons.

How does it work?

After installing the extension, simply go to the add-ons manager (i.e. type in about:addons in the URL bar and press Enter). Then, click on the “Extensions” tab and double-click on any of your installed extensions. You’ll see three user feedback options named “praise”, “issue” and “idea”.

Click on any one of them and a new tab with the respective feedback submission form will show with the add-on’s name pre-filled into the form!

Fill out your feedback in 140 characters or less (with the name of add-on included into the form) and submit it!

Reading Feedback Sent by Users

To read the feedback sent in about your Desktop Firefox add-on, all you have to do is two things:

  1. Go to Mozilla’s feedback dashboard at
  2. Enter in the name of the add-on into the search field and press Enter.

It’s that easy. Enjoy and offer feedback about future additions, ideas or bugs via this blog post or on twitter!