Mozmill Crowd 0.1.3 released

Henrik Skupin

Mozmill Crowd icon QA Automation Services is happy to announce that Mozmill Crowd 0.1.3 has been released. With this minor release Mozmill Crowd now got its own branding for the extension itself, and on AMO. Thanks goes to Tara Shahian and her team for their support in creating the icon. We think it looks brilliant. What do you think?

With the hiding of the menu bar on Windows we also had to introduce some more launch points for the extension. Now you can not only reach it via the Tools menu, but also in the Firefox button or the Add-on bar.

Beside the changes for the extension we have also updated the Mozmill test environment. If you are already an user of Mozmill Crowd, please open the chosen storage folder and delete the mozmill-*.zip and mozmill-env folder. With the next test-run Mozmill Crowd will automatically download and install the new version. With the upcoming Mozmill Crowd 0.2 this process will be fully automatic then. But as long as it is not available please run those steps manually. Thanks.