Results of the Firefox 4 FIXED Bugday

Anthony Hughes

On Friday, we organized a bugday to go through recently fixed Firefox 4 bugs.  Most of these bugs were hard and soft blockers for the release of Firefox 4.  I’ve been involved with bugdays and testdays for three years; never have I seen an event so successful.  I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves:

  • We peaked at 12 active testers, well above the historical average of 8
  • We had 30 people testing throughout the day
  • We verified 114 bugs (amazing!)
  • Our top tester (pxbugz) verified 45 bugs alone (even more amazing!)
  • The event was in full swing with active contributions being made an hour in advance of the bugday

If you are interested in the raw data, please see the wiki page.

I’d like to thank everyone who came out to help.  The Mozilla community truly is awesome.

I’d especially like to thank Aleksej, chaos, yaben, sunspray, bloodsugarwilks, krbosnan, pxbugz, Tobbi, and ZombieBear for being our most active testers.  All of their efforts truly make a big contribution to the quality of Firefox.

Thanks everyone and see you at the next event!