Fosdem 2011

Ludovic Hirlimann

This year I attended fosdem only for a day, as I was traveling back to Europe yesterday.
The day strated early as I needed to bike to the station to catch the first available train to Brussels. When I arrived at the station, I realized with horror that I had forgotten my IDs home. As I was planning to attend the pgp key signing party , this meant I had to get back home to get my key, so I took a taxi, and was able to get to my train on time. Then in the train I noticed that the guy two rows behind me was checking the fosdem schedule. So I ended up chatting about fosdem for a good hour and a half in the train. The guy was attending his first fosdem, and probably would love stuff like occ and wireless leiden, I need to make the connections here.
I missed the good keynotes (at least all the people I talked to said the keynotes were very interesting). But overall it was a nice and interesting day. Talking to people that I had not see for a while. Providing some Thunderbird support. Explaining things, demoing things. And taking a few pictures.

above is the flickr flash provided slideshow of my pictures from fosdem.