So does Thunderbird have more users on the beta channel

Ludovic Hirlimann

Three weeks ago, I asked for more people to join the beta channel for Thunderbird updates. I explained how to do so – and then got plenty of complains about people having followed my instructions but not getting any Thunderbird beta software.

I have good news for all the people that did it, we’ve just released version 3.1.5b and 3.0.9b on that precise beta channel. This means that the people who followed my instructions will be prompted for an update in the next 24 hours. For those of you unable to wait for the prompt, going to the help menu will bring the update a little bit faster. If all goes according to plan, these same version will end up on the release channel and will be offered to everyone sometime next week.

Make sure to file bugs you find in bugzilla, as that’s why we are having a beta period. Also make sure to send all the crashers you might encounter as it’s a good metrics for us.