Results of the second Add-ons Manager testday

Henrik Skupin

Last Friday, June the 11th, we had our second testday for exploratory testing the new Add-ons Manager. It was again well attended and we had a couple of fantastic discussions across its whole duration. If you weren’t able to attend but interested in details about the discussions, you can read through the chat transcription which lists any specific detail.

Given our last testday end of April, I have continued my idea to see the testday covering more than only the PDT timezone. That means this time it has also been started 8am UTC and ended 5pm PDT. At the beginning we had lesser action but after lunch time in Europe more and more people joined and participated in discussions. The most active people in the channel were aaronmt, aleksej, dark_skeleton, gabe2300, kbrosnan, kinger, mossop, smaug, tchung, tobbi, tonymec, unfocused, wx24, and myself.

After all we were able to identify 11 new bugs which is much lesser than the last time. But I think it speaks for the work which happened in that area the last one and a half month.

We thank everyone who has participated in that testday and made it a success again. Now with the new themes approaching in the near future, another testday has to be targeted. Stay tuned and check for updates regularly.