Results of Add-ons Manager testday

Henrik Skupin

Last Friday, on April 30th, we had our first testday for the new Add-ons Manager, which will be part of the next major release of Firefox. It was definitely one of the most active testdays we had in the past couple of months. During the day we had a maximum of about 45 people in the channel, whereas 28 of them activily participated in testing the Add-ons Manager and have filed the impressive amount of 55 bugs. Most of them covering missing features and have already been sorted in different groups, but there have been also found two blockers for localized builds.
We thank everyone who has participated on that testday. Special thanks goes to aznkid25, kairo, pike, littlemutt, aleksej, aaronmt, boriss, kbrosnan, mucinch, tmyoung, adifire, toolness, Jan, mossop, unfocused, aja, barbra, toscha, gryllida, ashah, archaeopteryx, ria, and gaby2300.
Comparing the testday to former testdays our exploratory approach was a great success in finding missing features, ui clinches, and new regressions. We consider to have two more testdays about this feature in the upcoming months. Stay tuned and feel free to join again. We appreciate your help!