Firefox Sync 1.3 is coming!


Firefox Sync 1.3b5 (formerly known as “Weave 1.3b5″) has been baking out in the experimental build world for awhile, and a lot of great progress has been done.   For those that were early weave adopters, you’ll find a lot has changed everywhere, from the server to the client.

Some of these changes include:

  • Rebranded as Firefox Sync
  • New facelift to the weave client UI
  • Improved response time with sync
  • Bookmark backup before initial sync
  • New production server clusters built to handle larger loads
  • Support on Fennec devices
  • Many others.  See release notes

Firefox Sync 1.3 Final is going to be highly publicized and encouraged for daily usage.  We’re hoping to release this month, but there’s still a lot of testing of the client and server that we could use feedback on.   If you’re interested, here are quick ways you can get involved:

  • Download the latest Firefox Sync here.   Click “Experimental Version” in the green bar
  • Create and sync your bookmarks, history, passwords, tabs, and preferences.  You can follow a more complete testplan here.
  • Report bugs through the weave forum or through Bugzilla.
  • Finally, follow us in, #labs for conversation and questions!

As always, contact me:,,  if you would like to get involved with Mozilla Products Testing and Firefox Sync!