Changes in Testday Notifications


For 2010, my resolution is to not spam the Mozilla Community as much (or at least make it less intrusive). In order to do this, and make sure people are still being notified, the method of which testday invites are sent out are going to change a bit over the next couple of months. The first of these changes is sending out a list of Testdays that are going to be happening over each quarter at the beginning of those quarters.
Here's the schedule of topics we'll be looking at:
1/8/10 – Mobile Firefox 1.0 RC
1/22/10 – Firefox Website Compatibility
2/5/10 – AMO/SUMO
2/19/10 – OS Testing with Mobile Firefox
3/5/10 – Learn how to testscript your Add-ons with MozMill!
3/19/10 – Improve the Quality of QMO!
4/2/10 – Review Litmus 2's Development