Posts from July, 2009

The UnConference Conference


Attended my very first unconference today in San Jose. An Unconference is very different than most conferences i’ve been too, in that there are no set agendas in advance, and no primary expert or panel. Instead, imagine a room of chairs in a circle, with a topic of discussion presented beforehand, and everyone just sits […] Continue reading

The Mozilla QA Community


It’s time to start blogging about all the cool things that i find on the web and how my job is affected.  For this first post, i’ve made a 5 part video clip on how Mozilla QA works and the different tools we use. It was originally recorded for a web 101 class at the […] Continue reading

SASHA 0.1.0-RC1 Released

Gordon P. Hemsley

It’s been a while since I’ve updated here, but I’d like to take the opportunity now to announce the first ever release of the Student Assignment, Scheduling, and Homework Assistant. SASHA 0.1.0-RC1 was released a few weeks ago for testing purposes, before 0.1.0 final is released. Here is the official announcement: This marks the first […] Continue reading