Posts from October, 2008

EU Moz Camp 08!


I think this was a great conference.  Thanks to the folks from Mozilla Europe for organizing it.  I’ll have more to say about it later, but I wanted to dash down a few thoughts before running off into the internet free lands for vacation.  We had an amazing audience of people that came together.  The […] Continue reading

QA Companion Design Begins


There was some response to my earlier post asking for volunteers to help with the QA Companion tool.  I’ve started to get the tools together that we’ll need in order to start working on this add-on.  There will be a project page on the up-coming final release of the (QMO) site.  But for those […] Continue reading

The QA Companion Needs You!


Calling all Add-On developers and would-be-Add-On developers!  The QA Companion Add-On could use your help! Zach Lipton and Ben Hsieh created the QA Companion Add-On.  This is an extension that sits in a little window outside Firefox or Thunderbird and helps you to run litmus tests against the application.  It has helped hundreds of people […] Continue reading