Mobile QA

Hello, welcome to Mobile QA team page! The role of Mozilla’s Mobile QA team is to ensure the quality of mobile products, including:

Our job is to make sure new features get looked at and issues get resolved before new builds go out to users. Our goal is to ensure that we aim for high quality and timely releases.

What Do We Aim For?

  • Propel the overall quality of your favorite open-source mobile browser
  • Build a dedicated community of tester for Mobile Firefox
  • Educate testing principles and methodologies for those interested in the quality of mobile browsing

How to Get Involved

It’s great that you want to get involved with the Mobile QA team, and we would love to have you as a contributor!

The easiest way to get started is to join us on IRC and we’ll be happy to guide you though the process. Just join #qa on, say hello, and let us know you’re there to help.

It would also help to visit each product’s pages (links above) first, and get background information on how to build and run the product.

Most tasks fall into the categories of Manual Testing and Automated Testing.

Manual Testing

How you can help

You can get started by doing some exploratory testing and/or verifying bug fixes. If you need help getting started with either or these, jump into our IRC channel (#qa on  It may be that for some project, you might need to have a device/hardware handy (i.e. iOS/Android device, Amazon Fire TV stick)

If you want to try some Bugzilla Activity, you will need to start by creating and account and make a search for bugs. Some of the tasks we do here is to triage unconfirmed bugs or to verify the fixed one.

For more detailed information for each project, please refer to our Mobile QA wiki.



Automated Testing


Both Firefox for iOS and Focus for iOS has automated tests integrated to the CI, and we make constant updates/fixes to them.  If you have a knowledge of XCUITest framework, or KIF/Earlgrey test framework for grey box tests, you can contribute to our test suites!


Focus for Android has a suite of UI automation tests written in Espresso / UIAutomator, and we are in works to develop UI tests for Firefox for Android.  If you are familiar with Java and/or Espresso/UIAutomator test framework, you can work on improving and enhancing our tests!

How you can help

  • Contribute towards writing additional tests
  • Contribute towards improving the Test Automation framework
  • For more detailed information for each project, please refer to our Mobile QA wiki.

Talk to Us!

  • IRC: #mobile on
  • Email:
    • For Manual Testing related questions:
      • Ioana Chiorean: ichiorean @ mozilla dot com
    • For Android specific questions:
      • Kevin Brosnan: kbrosnan @ mozilla dot com
    • For iOS specific questions:
      • Aaron Train: atrain @ mozilla dot com