DevEdition 66 Beta 14 Testday Results

Bogdan Maris

Hello Mozillians!

As you may already know, last Friday – March 8th – we held a new Testday event, for DevEdition 66 Beta 14.

Thank you all for helping us make Mozilla a better place: Iryna Thompson, Rok Žerdin (zerdo), gaby2300, noelonassis.

From Mozilla India Community: Aishwarya Narasimhan.

From Mozilla Bangladesh Community: Sayed Ibn Masud, Maruf Rahman, Saheda Reza Antora, Sajedul Islam, Hasibul Hasan Shanto, Kazi Ashraf Hossain and Mim Ahmed Joy.


– 3 new issues logged: 1533743, 1534076 and 1533665

– several test cases executed for Firefox Screenshots, Search and Build Installation & Uninstallation.

– 3 bugs verified: 1506073, 1512187 and 1519422

Thanks for yet another awesome testday, we appreciate your contribution 🙂

We hope to see you all in our next events, keep an eye on QMO, we will make announcements as soon as somethings shows up!