Firefox 59 Beta 14 DevEdition Testday Results

Camelia Badau

Hi everyone,

Friday 2nd of March we held 59.0b14 DevEdition testday.

Thank you Iryna Thompson, Adam24 and Logicoma for making Mozilla a better place.

Thank you India community: Surentharan R.A and SurenVino,
Fahima Zulfath A, Ajay Sharvesh, Aishwarya Narasimhan.



  • several test cases executed for Toolbars & window controls and Default & custom theme support
  • one new bug reported: 1442754
  • 3 bugs verified: 1427595 , 1413051, 1419336

Thanks for another successful testday! 🙂

We hope to see you all in our next events, all the details will be posted on QMO!