Firefox 53.0 Aurora Testday Results

Camelia Badau

Hello Mozillians!

As you may already know, last Friday – March 3rd – we held a new Testday event, for Firefox Aurora 53.0a2.

Thank you all for helping us make Mozilla a better place – Iryna Thompson.

From Bangladesh team: Tanvir Rahman, Kazi Nuzhat Tasnem, Saheda Reza Antora, Sabrina Joedder Silva, Maruf Rahman, Md.Majedul Islam, Anmona Mamun Monisha, Nazir Ahmed Sabbir, Sajedul Islam, Rezwana Islam Ria, Humayra Khanum, Forhad Hossain, আল-যুনায়েদ ইসলাম ব্রোহী, Abid Rahman, Roman Syed, Niaz Bhuiyan Asif, Asif Mahmud Rony, Touhidul islam Chayan.

From India team: Monesh, Subash, Rajesh, Rohit R, Pavithra.R, varun1102.


-several test cases executed for the WebM Alpha, Reader Mode Displays Estimate Reading Time and Quantum – Compositor Process features.

-6 bugs verified: 1323713, 1316225, 1196153, 1332595, 1326837, 1327731
-7 new bugs filed: 1344500, 1344271, 1344494, 1344495, 1344311, 1344325

Thanks for another successful testday 🙂

We hope to see you all in our next events, all the details will be posted on QMO!