Firefox 48 Beta 3 Testday Results

Paul Silaghi

Hi everyone!

Last Friday, June 24th, we held Firefox 48 Beta 3 Testday.  It was a successful event (please see the results section below) so a big Thank You goes to everyone involved.

First of all, many thanks to our active contributors: Iryna Thompson, Paarttipaabhalaji, Karthikeya LK, Prasanth P, Ashly Rose Mathew.M, Moin Shaikh, Bhuvana Meenakshi.K, Pushanshu Avinash Sharma, Ilse Macías, Nazir Ahmed Sabbir, Maruf Rahman, Rezaul Huque Nayeem, Md. Rahimul Islam, Akash, Sayed Ibn Masud, Zayed News, Saddam Hossain, Sufi Ahmed Hamim, Md.Majedul islam, Md.Tarikul Islam Oashi, Tanvir Rahman, Sajedul Isalm, Forhad Hossain, Sudipto Krishna Dutta, Mohammad Maruf Islam, Fahim, Khalid Syfullah Zaman, T.M. Sazzad Hossain.

Secondly, a big thank you to all our active moderators.


  • several testcases executed for the New Awesomebar feature
  • 2 bugs verified: 12177691238181
  • 1 bug triaged: 1281457

We hope to see you all in our next events, all the details will be posted on QMO!