Helping Bangladesh Contributors

Anthony Hughes

[crosspost from dev-quality]

I’m writing to solicit for people to support an upcoming live and local testing event in Bangladesh. Hossain Ikram (IKRAM on IRC) has been tirelessly planning this event and it’s set to kick off March 20 for two days. The purpose of the event is to provide live mentorship in getting over those first hurdles with QA to becoming an active contributor. I know this is going to be a significant challenge due to the time difference but I’m hoping my words can garner the support of at least a couple individuals.

Hossain is looking for some Mozilla QA folks to show up online and possibly on video conference for any amount of time they can afford. He thinks it would be a big boost to the energy in the room if we were to make a presence and provide mentorship.

The event is running March 20 & 21 from 10am to 5:30pm Bangladesh time. The earlier hours overlap with Thursday and Friday evening on the US west coast. The later hours line up with mid-day Friday and Saturday for those in Europe.

He’s set up an etherpad to get people to sign up to see what level of support he can get:

I hope you can help Hossain make this event a success.

Anthony Hughes
Senior Quality Engineer
Mozilla Corporation