Quality and Automation Community Call – notes

Ioana Chiorean

Last quarter we decided to try to get even closer to our community and we started a community call aiming to create a commune place where the employees and the volunteers can participate, share opinions and ask for help.

These calls are about the community, about ways to Get Involved and coordination. It is a great opportunity to share notes about your current work, projects, tools you use or workflows that work like magic.

The next call will take place on February 10th and we have already created an etherpad for it! Please add your ideas there (with your name and time estimation after it).

“As simple as picking up the phone and dialing in” – Clint Talbert

Here are some notes from our last call:

  • FirefoxOS Bug Bash – Tue Jan 27, 2015
    • The Firefox OS QA team is holding a Bug Bash on Firefox OS v2.2 next week in multiple timezones around the world. Please join us by contributing as little as 15 minutes of your time. Select a bite-size task through One and Done and earn a badge. Bring your Flame device, flash the latest 2.2 build, and help us test the latest features in FirefoxOS.
  • MozStumbler – More info Android App
    • The Mozilla Location Service (MLS) is an open service which lets devices determine their location based on network infrastructure like WiFi access points and cell towers. This network based location service complements satellite based navigation systems like A-GPS. Combined these two approaches are one of the foundations for  enabling context aware applications.
    • Install the MozStumbler app on your Android phone or FirefoxOS phone and travel around the world! You can find some easy tasks in One and Done too!
  • Right-to-Left Language Support on FirefoxOS (Arabic)
    •  Firefox OS is Mozilla’s complete, stand-alone operating system for the open Web, built entirely using HTML5 & standard Web APIs. Community is the key to the success of the open Web. Help us test Right-to-Left (RTL) Language Support on FirefoxOS. No Arabic language expertise needed!
    • Bi-Directional Guidelines and General Rules
  • BuddyUp Pilot
    • Firefox OS App for user support that will be tested by community
    • Work week will be held in Paris between February 23rd-27th
  • The DOM with Quality Engineering 
    • A new project looking for those interested in deep diving with us on the quality of DOM. This project is not only a Mozilla project but will contribute to the web platform in a global scope. It’s part of an embedded QE strategy, but we’d like to include contributors here as early as possible.
  • A*Team Community Day
    • The automation and tools team is working on making all their projects more contributor friendly and spending an entire day to help people get started. Drop into either #ateam or #hackday on irc.mozilla.org to jump in and get started.

We will be happy to hear you in our next call! Here is how you can join: you can call these numbers using either a phone or Skype:

 How to connect with us