Web QA Automation


Mozilla’s team is excited to see your interest in our browser-based, automated checks.  Thanks for stopping by! :)

This page describes our Web QA projects which use browser-based automation as well as everything you need to set up your own environment for running and contributing to our checks. This will get you started running Web QA automated tests. (If you would like to help out with Mozmill automation, be sure to check out the Mozmill wiki page.)

Automated Testing

Our automated tests use Selenium and Python. If you are familiar with either of them we can use your help, and helping us is a great way to learn more. The steps to get started with automation include:

  1. Choose a Project
  2. Run Some Tests
  3. Write Some Tests

Choose a Project

All of our automation efforts are organized based on the sites that are being tested, with each site having its own project. Your first step, therefore, is to choose a project to work on. You can explore our projects to find one that interests you, but if you’re just looking for a simple place to start we suggest mcom-tests.

Run Some Tests

Your next step should be to grab a copy of the tests for your chosen project and try to run them. You can find all the details for doing this in our Running Web QA Tests guide.

Write Some Tests

Each project tracks it’s automation needs using Git issues. Here is a dashboard of all current Web QA Issues listed that are open and ready to take.  Assign a Git issue to yourself by leaving a comment on that issue that you want to work on it.

Security Testing

If you are interested in helping with security testing, check out the security testing page on our wiki.

More Information

  • As you begin writing checks, please adhere as closely as possible to the Style Guide, so we’re all on the same page, and reviews go more smoothly. Once you’ve written your tests and submitted a GitHub pull request, they will go through our Code Review process.
  • File bugs to help us improve the product (Learn how to file bugs here).
  • Each project’s GitHub repository has a README.md that will you help you set up an environment and get tests running for that particular project.
    Our tests use the page object model:
  • If you are interested in the pre-POM Python checks we have pages that discuss the libraries andconfiguration files shared by the checks.

Web QA Projects

We are seeking volunteers to help write checks for the following projects. Each group below contains all the relevant information for that particular project.

Homepage: addons.mozilla.org
GitHub Repository: https://github.com/mozilla/Addon-Tests

Homepage: support.mozilla.org
GitHub Repository: https://github.com/mozilla/sumo-tests

Bouncer Tests:
Homepage: download.mozilla.org
GitHub Repository: https://github.com/mozilla/bouncer-tests

Wiki Tests:
Homepage: wiki.allizom.org
GitHub Repository: https://github.com/mozilla/wiki-tests

MozTrap Tests:
Homepage: moztrap-dev.allizom.org
GitHub Repository: https://github.com/mozilla/moztrap-tests

MCOM Tests:
Homepage: www.allizom.org
GitHub Repository: https://github.com/mozilla/mcom-tests

One and Done Tests:
Homepage: https://oneanddone.paas.allizom.org/en-US/
GitHub Repository: https://github.com/mozilla/oneanddone-tests

Snippets Tests:
Homepage: snippets.stage.mozilla.com
GitHub Repository: https://github.com/mozilla/snippets-tests

Add-on Builder (Flightdeck):
Homepage: builder.addons.mozilla.org
GitHub Repository: https://github.com/mozilla/FlightDeck-selenium

Homepage: http://www.mozilla.org
GitHub Repository: https://github.com/mozilla/mcom-tests

Mozwebqa Test Templates:
GitHub Repositoryhttps://github.com/mozilla/mozwebqa-test-templates

Homepage: mozillians.org
GitHub Repository: https://github.com/mozilla/mozillians-tests

Firefox Affiliates:
Homepage: affiliates.mozilla.org
GitHub Repository: https://github.com/mozilla/affiliates-tests

Mozilla Developer Network:
Homepage: developer.mozilla.org
GitHub Repository: https://github.com/mozilla/mdn-tests

Mozilla Crash Stats (Soccorro):
Homepage: crash-stats.mozilla.org
GitHub Repository: https://github.com/mozilla/socorro-tests

QMO Tests:
Homepage: quality.mozilla.org
GitHub Repository: https://github.com/mozilla/qmo-tests

ReMo Tests:
Homepage: reps.mozilla.org
GitHub Repository: https://github.com/mozilla/remo-tests