Volunteers Needed for Testdays Relaunch Initiative

Anthony Hughes

Greetings QA Community,

I’m writing today with an exciting opportunity. After months of strategizing to modernize Testdays, we’re now ready to start experimenting with some new ideas. We want to kick things off by organizing a week of experimentation next week. The plan is to have several mentorship sessions lasting a couple of hours, spread across the week, and well documented so people can participate at their own pace outside of these sessions.

Here’s what we need to make this a success:
* at least 5 volunteers to organize mentorship activities
* at least 5 volunteers to mentor contributors in one or more of these activities

This is where you come in! We’ve set up a wiki page to explain what we’re trying to accomplish and more details about what you’d be signing up for.

I’d like to publish the event by this Friday so please read the wiki and sign-up within the next couple of days.

Thank you!