Testdays Project Meeting – July 17, 2014

Anthony Hughes

Yesterday we held our first Testdays Project Meeting. The meeting started with a quick review of the Meeting Day/Time Feedback survey. Due to only having a few responses we decided to give it some more time and solicit for further feedback before making any changes to the meeting. We spent the bulk of the remaining time reviewing and discussing the feedback we’d received on the etherpad. We received quite a lot of feedback, some great ideas, and enjoyed some excellent discussion around those ideas. Unfortunately this did not leave much time to discuss our plans for the upcoming work week so we decided it would be prudent to devote the next meeting to that subject. You can consult the wiki if you want more information about our meeting this week.

I would encourage those of you who were not able to attend to try again next week. If you’re unable to come in person then please make sure to add your feedback and concerns to the etherpad. All ideas will be reviewed, discussed, then followed up after the  meeting. In the future we will have these meetings recorded so you can view them on your own time.

A special thank you to AaronMT, IoanaC, and Jan for joining me in this first meeting.