TrustyCon Videos Available

Al Billings

TrustyCon 2014 (maybe the only one ever) happened the other week as a competitor to the RSA convention because of perceived RSA collaboration with the NSA and all of the kerfuffle around the NSA and surveillance this last year. As they say on their site, “We welcome all security researchers, practitioners and citizens who are interested in discussing the technical, legal and ethical underpinnings of a stronger social contract between users and technology.”

The event sold out quickly so I was unable to attend. Helpfully, it was livestreamed, making it available to everyone and the resulting video was put up on youtube. Unfortunately, this video is one, ginormous, seven hour video. I don’t know about you but I like my viewing in smaller chunks. I also tend to listen to talks and presentations, especially when there is no strong visual component, by saving the audio portion of it to my huffduffer account and listening to the resulting feed as a podcast.

I took it on myself to do a quick and dirty slice and dice on the seven plus hour video. It isn’t perfect (I’m a program manager, not a video editor!) but it works. I’ve uploaded the resulting videos to my youtube channel in order to not destroy any servers I own. You can find the playlist of them all here but I’ve also included the videos embedded below.

Additionally, I extracted the audio from each of these files and put an audio collection up on the Internet Archive, for people like me who just want to listen to them.

TrustyCon 2014 – Opening Remarks

TrustyCon 2014 – The Talk I Was Going to Give at RSA

TrustyCon 2014 – The Laws and Ethics of Trustworthy Technology

TrustyCon 2014 – Joseph Menn Interviews Bruce Schneier

TrustyCon 2014 – Securing SecureDrop

TrustyCon 2014 – New Frontiers in Cryptography

TrustyCon 2014 – Trusted Computing Tech and Government Implants

TrustyCon 2014 – Community Immunity

TrustyCon 2014 – Redesigning NSA Programs to Protect Privacy

TrustyCon 2014 – Thank You and Goodbye