Summer 2013 Testday Results


It’s hard to believe another quarter has come and gone. I’m writing today to reveal the contributions made through QA organized testdays over the last three months. I’m happy to say that the summer was kind to us. We saw an end to the slump in the number of testdays organized (fig. 1) and 11 of the bugs reported through testdays resulted in fixes to Firefox.

Fig 1: Frequency of Testdays

Of course none of this would be possible without the contributors themselves. There are too many to mention by name but I would like to call out and thank the following volunteers for reporting bugs which resulted in fixes this quarter:

Naturally it is not all good news. I have noticed a slight stagnation in the participation trend (fig 2.).

Fig 2: Testday Attendance and Participation

I hope that we can reverse only 3 of the 11 events this quarter were attended better than average. I’d like to see if there is something we can do to improve that going forward. I think a part of this may have to do with the lack of mentorship to get someone from being a newcomer to becoming repeat contributor. Over 40% of our attendees this quarter were newcomers which tells me that we’re doing enough to attract people but could be doing more to mentor people (fig 3.).

Fig 3: Breakdown of Testday Contributors

As I close out this post I want to thank everyone who contributed recently and I hope to see you all return to make the next three months better than the last.