Dear Community it’s time to imagine something new for Mozillians !! — A call for Assistance

David Clarke


With the sole purpose of making the web a better place and enabling our community to make a difference, we  are putting together a new site that is capable of harnessing the tremendous power of the Mozilla community. –Me

The portal is to be named “One and Done”, it is to be a place you can  go when you have a few moments to contribute and you are looking for a quick and easy task to complete or skill to master.

To that end a few intrepid QA engineers (Peter Dehaan, Edwin Wong, and myself ) have gotten together with a goal of building a world class, responsive, mobile enabled  website…Now to be sure those things aren’t in the requirements, but we are QA after all.  So we have dusted off our development desks, blown away the cobwebs, and started to code.

Now we are testing out our asynchronous chops, working with a realtime database, and deploying with agility…. However …. we forgot one thing..

Design skills.. I really dislike styling pages…  So without further-a-do I would like to throw out a call for help…… light up the night sky with the Firefox Logo, and see if any budding html / css / javascript designers can answer the call.

A look at the mocks:

A look at what has already been done:

Where to fork:

If you have some free time and want to contribute to the project, would love to get your assistance.

If you feel you have the chops, just send me an e-mail, or just fork the repo and start hacking. You can also find me on irc: onecyrenus