Mozillians Re-Design

Matt Brandt

Help test the new site redesign. Welcome to the Mozillians project – a
community phonebook to find, share and communicate with like minded
Mozillians throughout the world. I’m thrilled to announce the latest
evolution of the website.

The team has been feverishly redesigning the user experience. We’re at a point
of stability; design ideas have been expressed, debated, agreed upon, and those
ideas codified.

The new

A test environment is live on our staging server –
– for your critical eye. We welcome you to explore the new site and offer
your open and unabashed feedback.

Test Plan

We are doing exploratory testing. Here are a few things you could check for:

  • Functionality – a feature does what it is supposed to do.
  • Layout issues – does the site look correct in different environments and screen resolutions?
  • Usability – does something not make sense? seem hard to use?
  • Security – XSS, encoding/escaping issues, etc.
  • Error handling – system fails gracefully and displays useful and appropriate error messages
  • localization (l10n)

Out of scope for this test cycle (don’t test):

  • the profile pages – work is still being completed on their design. For example here is my profile page
  • search functionality – we know that search and results it returns work sub-optimally and will improve it in the future

Environments to test against:

  • Linux, OSX, Windows
  • Android, iOS
  • Firefox (RC, Beta, Nightly), Chrome, IE 9+, Safari


To get started you’ll need:

  • Get a vouched Mozillians account on our staging server. Ask in #commtools to have your account vouched.
  • Disposable email addresses so you can create test accounts on stage. I recommend free services like Mailinator or 10minutemail.

Filing Bugs

Important tips for filing bugs:

  • Search Bugzilla to see if the defect has already been filed. Try not to file duplicates if a bug already exists.
  • Write good bugs that provide clear steps to reproduce the problem. Read this document for tips.
  • Use this form to file new bugs.
  • Bugzilla etiquette – be polite and treat people with respect, we are a friendly community.
  • IRC etiquette – same as Bugzilla; relax and have fun.

We plan on keeping this test cycle open from 2013-09-18 to 2013-09-25.

We really appreciate your enthusiasm and help with making the community
phonebook better. This is fully a community initiative and wouldn’t exist
without you. If you have questions or simply want to say hello reach out in IRC
#mozwebqa or #commtools – and introduce yourself. Myself or another
community member will help you. My online name is mbrandt.

I look forward to seeing you online!

Matt Brandt